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MVMT Watches

Digital Design


MVMT (Movement) started out as a crowd-funded start-up that crafted minimalist, luxurious looking watches. I've been a fan of MVMT since their creation in 2013. As a customer, and as a designer, I found flaws in their website that may be losing them sales. Here is my proposed, unsolicited redesign.


The current website is host to many usability issues that might be losing them customer sales. These issues are:

•  No white space – All information is stacked together. The eye doesn't know where to look or what to click.

• Poor hierarchy – With the amount of information present, copy gets lost amongst other items such as quotes and testimonials.  Customers looking to purchase a watch wouldn't consider this information important.

•  The shop only displays 3 watches at a time unless you click 'view all'. This click is unnecessary and can be avoided by having a full display to begin with.


Redesigning the homepage was about keeping the important information and relocating the not-so-important information. Leaving the homepage easy to follow and have little clutter. By having a call to action banner and image tiles, customers are more likely to find what they need to right away.



The official MVMT product page displays 3 watches with an option to view them all or 1 at a time. This results in additional clicks and is unnecessary for customers. My solution involves showcasing all watches on one page, with the option to filter results.

Product List-mockProduct List-mock

Item Details

This page was remade into a more enjoyable viewing experience by using clearer hierarchy through colour and size. After customers select a watch, they can see that watch being worn by people around the world through social media.